Paris Special Operation Forces Combat Medical Care conference

Session 1 Other bricks in the wall of SOF medical support

Initial medical response to massive casualty incidents in the SOF environment. Shackelford S

Prehospital blood transfusion in austere setting: from proof of concept to fine tuning. Ausset S

Transformational change in combat casualty care research for the SOF. Cap A

The UK point of view for the future of SOF medical support. Hodgetts T

Session 2A’ Airway management

Intubation and positive pressure ventilation in patients with hemorrhagic shock. Strangenes G

Surgical management of airway in SOF setting. Morvan JB

Session 2A’’ Analgesia & sedation

Analgesia and Sedation for Tactical Combat Casualty Care: TCCC Proposed Change 21-02. Fisher A

War-wounded analgesia. Corcostegui SP

Use of intranasal ketamine for prehospital analgesia in SOF: case series. Dubecq C

Session 2B Bleeding

The future of blood transfusion in austere setting. Martinaud C

Use of REBOA in the SOF setting. Boddaert G

Evaluation of hemostatic capacities among commando candidates: Would their blood suit a hemorrhagic war-injured patient in case of blood donation on the battlefield? Daniel Y

Fresh Whole Blood transfusion in Police Special Operations Teams: a perspective to reduce combat deaths in tactical austere environment in Brazil. Braga da Silva T

Session 3A Damage control resuscitation and surgery in SOF environment

Deployment of the Surgical Life-saving Module (SLM) in 2017: lessons learned in setting up and training operational surgical units. Malgras B

Ruck for surgery. de Schoutheete JC

The French aeromedical special operations forces – damage control resuscitation and surgery team. Cotte J

Session 3B In the air

In flight damage control resuscitation. Viard T

In flight damage control surgery. Hornez E

In flight critical care during strategical aeromedical evacuation of SOF casualties. Boutonnet M

Session 4A Think & Do

Human factors in critical situations. Vacher A

Mental training for stressful situations. Ramon F

D-STRESS use of virtual reality to detect post-traumatic stress disorder. Trousselard M

Session 4B Special environments

Heat stroke. Gasc T

Medical support in (very) cold conditions. Bauvent Y

Medical support of prolonged subaquatic operations. Chery M

Workshops W7 How to prepare my medical backpack?

Medical backpack for subaquatic operations. Le Bail A

Medical backpack for aiborne operations. Hus G

Medical backpack for long pedestrian infiltrations. Soumille B

Tactical CBNR first aid kit. Queguiner S

Session 5A SOF physical constraints

Havresac syndrome. Bécheau A

Medical support of high-altitude military parachuting. Morand G webconf

Injuries in SOF airborne operations: a 5-years analysis. Carbonnel N

Basic nutritional considerations for SOF operators. Bertrand M

Session 5B Threats and Hazards

Cumulative blast exposure estimate model for SOF operators. McEvoy C

Prehospital Burns. De Mello W

The CBNR chain of survival and its mnemonic device “I AM THOR”, a new cognitive tool to teach initial measures in undertaking a CBRN event on the battlefield. Daniel Y

Session 6A SOF combat casualties

Treating Ukraine’s wounded civilians, I saw horror and hope. Attar S

Killed In Action (KIA): How Golden are 60 minutes? Webster S

SOF casualties during counter-terrorism operations. Travers S

Session 6B Prolonged field care

Point-of-care ultrasound for triage in austere military environments. Dubecq C

Prolonged Field Care Update O’Kelly A

Workshops W13 Medics’ points of view

Improvised ground evacuation of SOF casualties. Quilez T

Training and continuing education of French SOF nurses. Fauchon X

Use of telemedicine for remote device. Merlo T