Paris Special Operation Forces Combat Medical Care conference


Session 1 Other bricks in the wall of SOF medical support

Initial medical response to massive casualty incidents in the SOF environment. (PRESENTATION)

Prehospital blood transfusion in austere setting: from proof of concept to fine tuning. (PRESENTATION)

Transformational change in combat casualty care research for the SOF. (PRESENTATION)

The UK point of view for the future of SOF medical support. Hodgetts T

Session 2A’ Airway management

Intubation and positive pressure ventilation in patients with hemorrhagic shock. (PRESENTATION)

Surgical management of airway in SOF setting. (PRESENTATION)

Session 2A’’ Analgesia & sedation

Analgesia and Sedation for Tactical Combat Casualty Care: TCCC Proposed Change 21-02.(PRESENTATION)

War-wounded analgesia. (PRESENTATION)

Use of intranasal ketamine for prehospital analgesia in SOF: case series. (PRESENTATION)

Session 2B Bleeding

The future of blood transfusion in austere setting. (PRESENTATION)

Use of REBOA in the SOF setting. (PRESENTATION)

Evaluation of hemostatic capacities among commando candidates: Would their blood suit a hemorrhagic war-injured patient in case of blood donation on the battlefield? (PRESENTATION)

Fresh Whole Blood transfusion in Police Special Operations Teams: a perspective to reduce combat deaths in tactical austere environment in Brazil. (PRESENTATION)

Tactical medicine in Brazil (PRESENTATION)

Session 3A Damage control resuscitation and surgery in SOF environment

Deployment of the Surgical Life-saving Module (SLM) in 2017: lessons learned in setting up and training operational surgical units. (PRESENTATION)

Ruck for surgery. de Schoutheete JC

The French aeromedical special operations forces – damage control resuscitation and surgery team. (PRESENTATION)

Session 3B In the air

In flight damage control resuscitation. (PRESENTATION)

In flight damage control surgery. (PRESENTATION)

In flight critical care during strategical aeromedical evacuation of SOF casualties. (PRESENTATION)

Session 4A Think & Do

Human factors in critical situations. (PRESENTATION)

Mental training for stressful situations. (PRESENTATION)

D-STRESS use of virtual reality to detect post-traumatic stress disorder. (PRESENTATION)

Session 4B Special environments

Heat stroke. (PRESENTATION)

Medical support in (very) cold conditions. (PRESENTATION)

Medical support of prolonged subaquatic operations.

Workshops W7 How to prepare my medical backpack?

Medical backpack for subaquatic operations.

Medical backpack for aiborne operations.

Medical backpack for long pedestrian infiltrations.

Tactical CBNR first aid kit.

Session 5A SOF physical constraints

Havresac syndrome. (PRESENTATION)

Medical support of high-altitude military parachuting. (PRESENTATION)

Injuries in SOF airborne operations: a 5-years analysis. (PRESENTATION)

Basic nutritional considerations for SOF operators. (PRESENTATION)

Session 5B Threats and Hazards

Cumulative blast exposure estimate model for SOF operators. (PRESENTATION)

Prehospital Burns. (PRESENTATION)

The CBNR chain of survival and its mnemonic device “I AM THOR”, a new cognitive tool to teach initial measures in undertaking a CBRN event on the battlefield. (PRESENTATION)

Session 6A SOF combat casualties

Treating Ukraine’s wounded civilians, I saw horror and hope. (PRESENTATION)

Killed In Action (KIA): How Golden are 60 minutes? (PRESENTATION)

SOF casualties during counter-terrorism operations. (PRESENTATION)

UKR Report from the Field: TCCC in the multidomain battlespace. (PRESENTATION)

Session 6B Prolonged field care

Point-of-care ultrasound for triage in austere military environments. (PRESENTATION)

Prolonged Field Care Update (PRESENTATION)

Workshops W13 Medics’ points of view

Improvised ground evacuation of SOF casualties.

Training and continuing education of French SOF nurses.

Use of telemedicine for remote device.